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No bank account required.

100% guaranteed approval, any one can apply.

Free online banking, check balance 24/7 online.

Low load fees starting from $1.9 only.

Instant card delivery*


We are different.

Unlike other web site that offer prepaid credit card, we offer powerful visa card accepted all over the world, this visa card can be use wherever visa card accepted.

100% guaranteed approval ensures you will qualify for our prepaid visa, enjoy free online banking come with your visa, this allow you to check your balance and statement 24/7. Verocard visa can be use online wherever visa card accepted, or upgrade to ATM to withdrew your money from any ATM machine world wide.

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Convert your Liberty Reserve money to visa cards New 
Now you can withdrew your money from Liberty Reserve account by verocard with low fees.
Order and reload our visa card by Liberty Reserve and shop online where visa card accepted.
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* Instant card apply only for order by Liberty Reserve


What is verocard visa?

It is a virtual card can be used at any web sites, online merchants, and web stores over the internet where payments by visa card are accepted.

Can i get ATM card?

Yes, visa card can be upgraded to ATM card. You can withdraw  money from any ATM machine worldwide.

Can i fund  my card by credit cards?

Yes, you can use your credit cards account to fund your virtual visa card.

How long it takes to receive my card?

Account and card number create instantly if you order by LR, however apply by Credit cards takes 24-72 hours.



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