Prepaid visa card

No bank account required.

100% guaranteed approval, any one can apply.

Free online banking, check balance 24/7 online.

Low load fees start from $1.9 only.

Instant card delivery.

What is virtual credit card ?
Virtual visa card is real visa card works like a real credit card. It can be used for online shopping & purchases at websites, online merchants, internet shops & web stores over the internet. Even it can be used for purchases over the phone and fax. Virtual visa card for online use only.
How long it takes to receive my card?
Virtual card send instant within few minutes of receiving your payment (If you order by LR) other payments take 24 hours.
How do I receive my virtual visa card?
You will receive virtual visa card in your email after your payment is accepted, for security we send a part of your card by email and other information you get it when you login using your username and password
How i check my balance and transactions?
You will receive username and password to check all your transaction online 24/7.
How long it takes to receive my account?
Accounts create instantly, you are able to login within minutes of your order, however card number sent instant only if you order by LR other payments method need 24 hours for card delivery.
What information of virtual visa card will I receive?
16 digit virtual visa card number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, 3 digit of CVS/CVS2 number, Expiry date MM/YY .
When virtual visa card expire?
12 month .
When i can order ATM debit card?
If you have virtual visa with us you can request ATM card  for free, but you need to be a member for 30 days.
What is the cost to get ATM card ?
It is free for our member, you have to pay shipping fees only.
What is the bank issue virtual cards?
We have tow type of cards offshore bank and US bank.
Is virtual visa cards support AVS or ZIP code
US virtual visa support AVS and ZIP code but it is not reloadable. Int.virtual visa is reloadable but not support AVS and can not use with US paypal.
Do you required any ID?
No id required for virtual visa card, however if you request ATM card we may need a copy of your ID.
What is the max balance of virtual visa?
I am international can i get the card?
Yes anyone accepted.
Can i order ATM card without virtual visa card?
No, at this time
What about the support?
We support all our cards via your account, 24/7 you can contact us.
Can I use different  address?
Yes for Int.virtual visa card that is reloadable, but for US cards can not be change after created.
How I can reload my card?
 Login your account using your username and password and choose your reloading method.
Can i fund my card by international wire transfer ?
Yes, international or us wire transfer.
Is there any monthly fees?
Yes and No, you need to reload your card one per month to avoid monthly fees $2.9.
Can I order more than one card?
How can I contact you?
Visit our contact page on how to reach us or send email.